I’m Crazy But You Like It! Exercise Challenge

Hi BodyRockers,

So we have some pretty terrific and exciting news.

We are going to be taking a trip soon somewhere warm! We are heading to California to see the sights and do some Burpees 🙂 The details of the trip are still coming together so we will keep you updated but we are super excited!

Now for the challenge! Whoever posts up the highest score in the comments is the winner. I have to beat Freddy at this

challenge because he has beaten me the last 2 times in a row, and he needs an attitude adjustment. He is starting to say things like “I didn’t realize how much ice hockey and our workouts have in common – the Czech’s can’t beat the Canadians at either.” Well it’s time I show him what Team Czech Republic is made from 🙂

Our competition here is of course friendly, but when you have some numbers to try and beat it can be extremely powerful. Besides competing with each other, we are also aiming to beat our own personal best times. Make sure to post

your scores in the comments and keep track of them in your journals.

Enjoy the challenge and push hard!



Today’s challenge was inspired by Shakira’s music video “Loca” which we have been listening to non-stop all day. Besides having an incredible voice, Shakira is the embodiment of strong,sexy confidence and I find her enormously inspiring in every way. Her video is below so that you can listen to it while you do your challenge!

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