Be a Better You in 365 Days Challenge – DAY 25 Rising Early for the Challenge

This is Day 24 of How to Be a Better Person in 365 Days (365 Challenge) October 2011 Challenge. View list of tasks: 365 Challenge Overview

Welcome to Day 25 of “How to Become a Better Person in 365 Days Challenge” (365 Challenge)!

WOW! I woke up at 9:30am this morning. It was the best sleep-in I have had for months now and it was deliberate. Not many of us are able to get the recommended amount of sleep or even get the chance to sleep-in with work, family, relationships, snoring, sleepless nights and even the local neighbourhood garage man at 8am. (Generally, that is how my days start). How does your day start?

Yesterday, Day 24 we talked about Your 30 Minute Action Plan and how important action can be on setting your goals and getting results.  We now are scheduling 30 minutes everyday, every morning on setting up our plans for the day and reviewing our goals. Imagine how much we can accomplish after just 1, 2, 3 weeks!

Are you an early riser? Whether you’ve been trying to wake up early without success, or you’re a semi-early riser, or you’re a dominant late riser, I invite you to join me in waking up early, starting tomorrow. From tomorrow onwards, we’re going to wake up early together, for the next 52 weeks to the end of 365 Challenge. Take this as a personal experiment. If you try it and you like it, you’d have gained something new from this trial 🙂  If you try it for 52 full weeks and feel it doesn’t work for you, you can walk away from this experience knowing that it’s not your cup of tea. Nothing to lose but everything to gain 🙂

Are you up for it?

There is no snooze button on a cat who wants breakfast.  ~Author Unknown

Day 25 Rising Early for the Challenge

Part 1: Wake up early tomorrow

Start on a new page of your journal, diary or notebook. On top, write down “Rising Early for the Challenge”.

  1. Set your target time to wake up tomorrow, ideally before 6:30am.
  1. 5am is a very nice time to start the day and do your personal activities. When I wake up at 5am, I get to do the usual email/social media checking, do work, go exercise, and have breakfast, when most people are still in bed. By the time people are up, I’m already on to other things for the day. It’s a great feel-good factor to get you moving forward.
  • From there, set your target time to sleep tonight, based on the usual hours of sleep you need.
    • How many hours do you need to be well rested? Set your alarm as you do that.
    • From my experience, many people sleep a lot longer than they think they need. I found with a proper, healthy diet, exercise, meditation and activities to clear your mental clutter, it’s possible to be well-rested, energized and good to go with just 5-6 hours of sleep. When I don’t do any of that and I just get on my daily activities, many days I can be sleeping for 8, 9, to sometimes even 12 hours (to naturally wake up). But when I start doing them (appropriate diet/exercise/meditation/and other activities to clear mental clutter), I actually need a lot lesser hours to feel equally energized/awake, if not more. It’s not about sleep deprivation, but about how you do it.
  1. Plan out your activities today to ensure you will get to bed by your target time tonight.
    • Have enough buffer time between each activities
    • Don’t plan for late night activities since you know you have to sleep by X time
  2. Very important step: Plan for your schedule tomorrow as well.
    • Your schedule should give you a good idea of how you want tomorrow to pan out, from when you wake up, to the end of the day.
    • Why is it important? Most people fail at waking early because they don’t have a reason to do so. They wake up on time, but then they go back to sleep right after because they thought “there’s nothing for me to do”! When you have a schedule laid out, there’s a clear reason to wake up on time. The more important the task(s) you have to do (right after you wake up), the more successful you’ll be.
  3. Read 22 Tips To Wake Up Early and apply the relevant tips to make this a success. Also Developing Habits Page
  4. Follow through on your plan and sleep at your stipulated timing.
    • If activities overrun, reschedule them. Do them tomorrow.
    • This is crucial. Many people sleep late then bash themselves when they can’t wake up on time, when it’s just about sleeping early and getting enough sleep. That’s all. It’s not some rocket science, voodoo magic or genetic mystery. You sleep early, you wake up early.
  5. Wake up early the next day and get your day on a whole, new fresh start
    • If you want, post a comment once you’re up, as an accountability factor to yourself.
    • Share your experience waking up at this time vs. your normal waking time.

Part 2: Continue to wake up early for the rest of 365 Challenge

  1. For the next 2 weeks, continue to wake up early. Follow the same steps above every day to get the habit in place.
  2. Experience how it feels to be an early riser. Note down your observations in your journal, diary or notebook
  3. Then at the end of 365 Challenge, you can decide for yourself whether it was better to wake up early or not, and choose whether to stick with being an early riser.
  4. Recommended reading: How To Wake Up Early @ Personal Development Coach

Day 25 Reflection for 365 Challenge

  1. Is there anything you learned today?
  2. If so, what is it? Write it down.

Share Your Answers!

What task are you going to work on for your 30 minutes of action today? How did it go during the 30 minutes, and what did you do/finish? When’s your next 30 minutes of action slot?


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    1. Hi Shavita,
      Absolutely. I believe you somehow find more time, more focus and able to get more done while the neighbors are getting up to have coffee. Thank you for sharing and participating in the 365 Challenge. 😉 Your comment will be show casing into today’s task (Day 27) 🙂

      All the best of Success,
      Ezzy 🙂

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