Be a Better You in 365 Days Challenge – DAY 30 Reflection

This is Day 30 of How to Be a Better Person in 365 Days (365 Challenge) October 2011 Challenge. View list of tasks: 365 Challenge Overview

 Welcome to Day 30 of “How to Become a Better Person in 365 Days Challenge” (365 Challenge)!

 We are onto Day 30 with Reflection on how our first thirty days of the challenge and seeing how far you’ve come.

The journey thus far, has been incredible and most enjoyable, even the off days we have had – together.  After 4 weeks of tasks on how to be a better us e have been focusing on a lot of inner work. This inner work involves us to open the flaps of our hearts, stare straight into our souls, dig really deep and clean out the dirt that’s inside of us. The extent to which we benefit from these tasks is the extent to which we are willing to dig inwards, push past resistances, and acknowledge the thoughts that have been sitting inside us all along.

There’s just 1 day left before the end of 31 days of the challenge and into the new month, meaning there is 335 days left in the challenge.

Today, I would like you to take the opportunity to get your 365 Challenge tasks in order, before tomorrow. Use this time to do tasks that you have missed and finish up on the one’s you’ve not complete.  Post your results for each day’s task at the same time. If you’ve already finished the tasks, use this time to catch-up on the discussions – read the other participants’ comments and reply to them if you have something to add.

This is your final chance to connect with the other participants in the context of 365 Challenge as we are almost at a close for the SPECIAL FREE PRIZE FOR 100th PARTICIAPANT. We currently have 92 participants – thank you in abundance for your on-going support, comments and being on this challenge with me. It is such an exciting year for all of us; why not make it more special and incredible?

I ask that you help us in achieving at least 100 participants, by telling everyone you know, tell a stranger and spread the word for us to make this experience awesome for you and friends.

Without further ado, let’s start!

Your Task: Reflection in Order

Part 1: Do your 365 Challenge Tasks

Work on the tasks if you have not done / finished them yet. This includes (a) Finishing the task (b) Sharing your results in the comments area.

 Part 2: Participate in the discussions

Check out the amazing discussions going on in the comments area! Join in, share your thoughts, and connect with your fellow 365 Challenge mates!

For those who have been participating in the discussions, be sure to check by your past comments, because there have been many new replies by other participants. Reply to the kind notes others have left for you – some of which included questions. I’ve personally been going around and replying as well.

Part 3: Be a better you today!

Last but not least, enjoy your day and continue to be a better you via your ideal traits/values! Before you start your Day 29, spend 1-2 minutes looking at your character board and visualize yourself as your ideal self. Then, go and blaze a trail today with everything you do!

Day 29 Reflection for 365 Challenge

  1. Is there anything you learned today?
  2. If so, what is it? Write it down.

Final Month of 365 Challenge – 11 Months to Go!

Believe it or not, tomorrow will be the final day of 365 Challenge. For tomorrow’s task, we will be creating our action plan to be a better *US* moving forward from 365 Challenge – the action plan where we apply what we have learned and ensure we continue to uphold our highest conduct. Stay tuned!