Be a Better You in 365 Days Challenge – DAY 31 Your Feedback on the 365 Challenge

This is Day 31 of How to Be a Better Person in 365 Days (365 Challenge) October 2011 Challenge. View list of tasks: 365 Challenge Overview

Today is 31st October 2011, and 30 days is officially over. With over 90 participants, nearly 20 comments posted and many lives changes for the better, the challenge thus far has been success bigger than I can imagine. And it’s all thanks to you.

Thank you to all of you who have been tweeting the 365 Challenge posts and your daily task results on Twitter. Thank you to those who spread the word through Facebook. Thank YOU for taking part in this. Every single one of you has been responsible for making “Be a Better You in 365 Days Challenge” the success it is.

Your Feedback Needed

Now that the challenge is 31 days into the challenge, its time to do a round-up. I’d greatly appreciate it if you can provide your feedback on the Be a Better You in 365 Days Challenge (aka: 365 Challenge and aka: How to Become a Better Person in 365 days), which will be invaluable as I work on getting an workbook available for you to download (updates coming soon). Whether you’ve actively participated or someone who’s still half way through the challenge; I’ll appreciate it if you can spend a few minutes of your time answering the following (the more detailed your feedback, the better and more useful it’ll be for me):

  1. How as the experience been for you so far? Did you learn anything, and if so what did you learn?
  2. What are the biggest things you feel are great about the Challenge?
  3. Which task(s) gave you the biggest breakthrough? And Why?
  4. Is there any task you think is not useful? If so, why?
  5. How can I make the Challenges better?

As a recap, here are the tasks for the past 30 days:

Day 0 – Introduction / Announcement: “How Be a Better Person You in 365 Days” October Challenge!

Day 1 Realisation – Who Are You?!

Day 2 Understanding Who Are You?!

Day 3 – Discovering Your Inner Self

Day 4 – Day of Virtues: Gratitude

Day 5 – Creating a Better Person

Day 6 – Reflection Day  Getting Organised

Day 7 – Reflection Day  Getting Organised

Day 8 – Connecting with Someone: Call a Friend

Day 9 – Just DO it!

Day 10 – Take Action. BE Proactive!

Day 11 – ARK (Random Act of Kindness)

Day 12 – Declutter Your Zen!

Day 13 – Be Positive

Day 14 – What Is Your Mission in Life? 

Day 15 & 16 Reflection Day Take a Break – Have a KitKat!

Day 17 – Discover Your Values

Day 18 – Day of Appreciation

Day 19 – What Are Your Goals?

Day 20 – Making Action Speak louder than Words Day

Day 21 – Getting Organised 

Day 22 & 23 Reflection Day

Day 24 – Your 30 Minute Action Plan

Day 25 – Rising Early for the Challenge

Day 26 Create Your 20/80 To-Do List

Day 27 – Day of Virtues: Generosity 

Day 28 – Getting Advice

Day 29 – Giving Advice

Day 30 – Reflection Day

So What’s Next?

While the challenge is now into its second 30 days, it’s certainly isn’t the end of the 365 Challenge. Here are some future plans I have in mind:

  1. The workbook for the ALL Challenges – it will have all the daily tasks inside to help you live a better life, detailed exercises to guide you through each exercise, reflection diary for you write in your reflections and much, much more. The workbook will be your vital tool to live a better life. I highly recommend you to get one you for yourself and for anyone whom you’d like to have a better life.
  2. Moving from to – I will learn how to customise the site, make it functional and more life a blog where I can give you something in return and create a blog of wealth and knowledge. I dream of making a difference in your life!
  3. Free Gifts on offer In general, I want free available eBooks, and books on challenges to be delivered to you from me. And have more material available for you to become a better person. I love to help, why not share our generosity with the community?!


NOTE: I prefer to keep things open for now and see how things evolve, just so that we don’t miss out on new opportunities. As with everything that happens at How to Become a Better You in 365 Days, I’ll make the announcements via RSS feed, Facebook and Twitter, so as long as you’re connected with me there, you’ll be in the loop of all future updates.

Share Your Final Feedback!

Today is the final round-up for the first 30 day– please share your final feedback on the course via the 6 feedback questions above! Thank you – I look forward to reading your comments!