8 Ways to Eat Healthy

Make healthy choices about the foods you eat and the beverages you drink. Simply follow our goals for healthy eating and watch your plate (and what you put on it) transform for the better. Plus, you will feel good and have energy to do the activities you enjoy.

Explore these tips for eating well:

  1. Make half your plate fruits and vegetables.
  2. Make half the grains you eat whole grains.
  3. Choose fat-free or low-fat (1%) milk, yogurt, or cheese.
  4. Drink water instead of sugary drinks.
  5. Choose lean sources of protein.
  6. Compare sodium in foods like soup and frozen meals and choose foods with less sodium.
  7. Eat some seafood.
  8. Pay attention to portion size.

 (Source: presidentschallenge.org)


3 thoughts on “8 Ways to Eat Healthy

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for sharing your lovely comments!

      I believe I am also lacking in this department, however, I started my “365-Day Fitness Challenge” about getting healthy and fit in 365 Days!

      I had looked at myself in the mirror and I did not like the reflection… So, I came up with the idea about working out, talking about fitness and health and participating the challenge – mainly because I want to change the way I feel about my body and what I am putting into my body.

      * I believe there is many of us wanting to make a change but don’t know how too!
      All the Best,
      xx Ezzy ♥

      P.s – l ♥ Your Community!

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