365 Challenge Is BACK!!!

Hi Everyone.

Firstly, I would like mention EVERYONE who has sent their ‘Get well wishes’ and support me over the last 2 months. I am very grateful that all of you are in my life and confirms my belief that helping others is a true passion on mine. Hence I began this challenge, as many of us are looking for answers, help and guidance in a world full of the unexpected.

Many of you may, since beginning this Challenge Become A Better You, Fitness and Yoga I have struggled through personal blockages, illness, stress and work pressure.

For the last 2 months leading up to Christmas, my schedule and work load has increased almost to the point I am not able to fulfil promises and continue many of aspirations like the Blog Challenges and financial commitments.

There was a time where, I almost gave up and let everything slip through my fingers due to the stress of my schedule and doing the impossible.

Sometimes, in life we have to put ourselves back and work on the things that need our attention. I have come to the conclusion, that I am simply doing too much with little time, realising I need to cut much un-needed tasks in my life.

I have said a few goodbyes to other commitments and took a short break to realise where I want to head in life and who I desire to be.

I can tell you, I much clearer about my path then I was about a year ago and since doing the 365 Challenge, I have jumped canopies and moved mountains in life. I have met people who influence me for the greater good and people who motivate me to the be the best person I can be.

In summing this up, quickly, thank you to all of you who I cannot name as there is many of you… THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

I would not be where I am today with your love, support and guidance. I wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous year in 2012.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

Note: 365 Challenge will be resuming on 1st January. I will update here so stick around till then…

The 365 Challenge is put on hold at the moment, due to family emergency over Christmas. However, I am working daily on new material, new posts, quotes and I have alot more to offer. Please stayed tuned to this post, as I will be updating all the new plans for our community on ‘How to Become a Better You.’ xx

All the Best, Ezzy


2 thoughts on “365 Challenge Is BACK!!!

    1. Thank you Shavita!

      I am doing well! I will be posting shortly with all the updates, news and what our goals for this year are and what it will mean for: How to Become a Better You in 365 days.

      All the Best and thinking of You,
      Ezzy 🙂

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