6 Tips to Manage Your Wandering Mind

“Examination is the first step: becoming alert to what passes through your mind. And there is constant traffic — so many thoughts, so many desires, so many dreams are passing by. You have to be watchful; you have to examine each and everything that passes through the mind. Not a single thought should pass unawares, because that means you were asleep. Become more and more observant.” — An excerpt from Osho’s teachings. He was and is a very wise man. Here are some helpful tips on how to be “the watchful observer” of your very own mind.”

Source:  MindBodyGreen
Chloe talks about the 6 Tips of Managing your mind as though it is an everyday lifestyle choice like reading your Kindle. I had to stop think… Your mind is tool that you use everyday while you subconscious is where the real you is – you know the one that hides behind the auto-pilot on the M1.
Here tips follow:
  1. You are not your mind.
  2. Start to notice your patterns.
  3. What are you thinking when you’re in conversation?
  4. Meditation.
  5. Read up on it. Check out this link on the brain. It’s fascinating.
  6. Honor and Respect.
Source:  Chloe Park